If you’re searching for the perfect office gift this holiday season, consider a custom T-shirt. Designing a custom shirt is an easy and affordable way to gift someone something completely one of a kind. It shows your employees or coworkers you care – and that you spent time customizing the perfect gift. Browse Guerrilla Tees for funny, clever, and completely customizable T-shirt office gifts this holiday season.

Custom T-Shirts Make Great Office Gifts

They Make People Laugh

A witty custom T-shirt is the perfect way to get some laughs at your holiday office party. A funny shirt can break the ice, create bonds between employers and employees, and make a party more fun. Finding or creating a hilarious shirt for someone at your workplace can show off your sense of humor and spread the cheer.

They Create Esprit de Corps

“Esprit de corps” describes a feeling of comradery, pride, and fellowship a group of people feels. Purchasing matching custom T-shirts for your staff can create this feeling in the workplace, bringing everyone together over a common gift. Esprit de corps can inspire greater devotion, enthusiasm, and commitment to the job and company.

They Fit Any Budget

Ordering custom T-shirts in bulk is a great way to knock out your office holiday gifts without going over budget. Bulk custom shirts from our factory are high quality and affordable. You can easily stay within a small gift-exchange price limit in purchasing a personalized T-shirt for your coworker, or buy in bulk for the whole office without spending too much.

They’re Personal

Custom T-shirts aren’t just attractive, useful gifts – they’re also highly personal. Instead of getting a dime-a-dozen trinket for your coworkers or employees, go with a one-of-a-kind personalized tee. Use a hobby, interest, office joke, slogan, sports team, or other connection to create a shirt the recipient will cherish. Personalized gifts have never been so easy – or affordable – than with us.